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The Hidden Feature On Android Phones That Can Be A Real Time Saver
Android phones come packed with useful apps and services, and there may be some features that aren’t as obvious to those new to the operating system. One such feature is Google Assistant, Android’s built-in and voice-controlled digital aide that comes with a long list of customizable actions and can help with things like managing your to-do list or organizing your schedule.
While enabling the feature is easily done by opening the Assistant app and following the onscreen instructions, creating your own voice task prompts for other apps can be tricky. First, you’ll need to update all of your apps and open the Assistant by either saying “Hey Google” or long-pressing the Home button, saying “Assistant settings” after the beep, and tapping on “Shortcuts.”
From there, tap the “+” icon next to any of these phrases to enable the voice command, and you can take these commands even further with custom phrases. You’ll need to tap the + icon next to the app’s suggested shortcuts, tap the pencil icon that appears, and type in the custom phrase. A confirmation page mentioning the new voice command should appear.