2015 Mini Cooper S 5 door. (Photo by National Motor Museum/Heritage Images via Getty Images)
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The Hidden Disco Lights Feature Mini Cooper Owners Need To Try
Carmakers have a history of adding quirky features to their new vehicles — for instance, Tesla Model X has a celebration mode that flashes strobe lights, opens and closes the rear falcon doors, and rolls down the windows in tune with celebratory music. Mini Cooper owners can enjoy a similar feature that could make their sport-compact coupe feel like a Tesla.
With Minis that feature ambient lighting like the all-electric Cooper SE, drivers can press and hold the roof switch for about ten seconds to activate disco mode: The illuminated center ring will cycle through its available range of colors. Although some might call this feature a distraction, car — and disco — enthusiasts will find it’s a nice touch.
The Mini Cooper remains available as a two-door or four-door hatchback and a convertible with a folding roof, and comes with a standard turbocharged 1.5-liter three-cylinder engine that pumps out 134 horsepower and 164 lb-ft of torque. The car shuns everyday practicality for style and driving pleasure, and that's fine for people who appreciate the vehicle's undying vintage charm.