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The Forgotten Pontiac Concept Car That Still Looks Futuristic Today
With swooping lines, narrow headlights, and almost-concealed wheels, the 1987 Pontiac Pursuit took an uncompromising look at what could be the future of automotive design. Under the hood, however, Pontiac kept things simple, as the model ran off a 4-cylinder inline engine with a conventional turbocharger and a 5-speed manual — no alternate design or alternative fuels.
Had it reached production, the Pontiac concept would have been one of the first vehicles with a steer-by-wire system: the steering wheel communicated with battery-powered gears that turned all four wheels. (Modern Infinitis use the same setup.) The Pursuit also predicted the future with its onboard tech and had an infotainment system decades before they became common.
Obviously, this version of the Pursuit never reached the market, and GM folded Pontiac in 2010 after years of declining sales. Yet the next time drivers change songs or turn down the AC without taking their hands off the wheel, or feel as if they’re piloting a spaceship or driving a high-powered race car, they can thank a Pontiac Pursuit, a truly groundbreaking concept.