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The Forgotten BMW Concept Car That's Still Futuristic Today
A successor to BMW’s first supercar, the M1, the Nazca M12 sported a scintillating design, with aerodynamic contours, gullwing windows, carbon fiber frame, and overall Formula 1-esque aesthetics. It's safe to say BMW's supercar concept turned a lot of heads when it was first showcased during the 1991 Geneva Motor Show.
Like BMW's 750i and 850i, the Nazca M12 utilized a monstrous 5.0-liter V12 producing 300 horsepower. Two more BMW concept cars based on the Nazca M12 were showcased years later, namely the C2 and C2 Spider, but the lineup never went past the concept phase — does this mean the world never got to see a BMW Nazca M12 supercar on the road?
BMW only made three Nazca M12s ever, so spotting the futuristic supercar is a mighty tall order. However, in 2011, a pristine 1991 M12 was actually on sale at a Czech dealership for a whopping €725,000, or about $742,000; apparently, it was rumored to be made specifically for the Sultan of Brunei, and had only 18 miles on its odometer.