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The Electric Car Charging Problem Is Worse Than You Realized
Electric vehicles are becoming more mainstream daily; sales increased by almost 200% between quarter two of 2020 and the same financial period in 2021. Car manufacturers back the concept, the government is stepping up tax incentives, and customers are demanding new EVs, all of which indicate that the number in the United States will only increase.
However, despite advances in battery life and overall EV efficiency, charging is still a big problem. Brent Gruber of consumer research firm J.D. Power claims charging stations aren't keeping up with the growing number of EVs; "Not only is the availability of public charging still an obstacle, but EV owners continue to be faced with charging station equipment that is inoperable."
Thankfully, public charging infrastructure is improving. There are currently more than 50,000 electric vehicle charging stations in the United States, which is around one-third of the number of gas stations in operation in the country, and there are plans in motion — led by Tesla — to expand access to electric vehicle charging facilities nationwide.
Tesla will soon allow EV owners to use its network of charging stations, but they aren’t alone; Electrify America has over 750 charging stations across the country, and they plan to add another 10,000 ultra-fast chargers. GM and EVgo are also teaming up to bring 2,000 charging stalls to gas stations and more than 3,000 fast chargers to cities.