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The Easy Way to Set Up Microsoft Outlook On Your Android Phone
Having your email on your smartphone has become vital for many, especially those working individuals who need access to it even on the go. Microsoft Outlook is a popular email choice for both personal and professional use, and this versatile platform is easy to set up on Android phones thanks to its mobile app.
The Outlook Android app is easy to set up if you plan to add and manage a Gmail or Yahoo Mail account, but you may need to reach out to your organization's IT department to include a work or school email address, as they might have certain limitations. Once you’re set, download the app from the Google Play Store.
To add a Gmail, Yahoo, or AOL account:

1. Tap Add Account and either hit Add Google Account or type the email address in the text field.

2. If you chose the Google option, pick the Gmail email in the "Choose an Account" screen, then hit Allow on the next page. Afterward, you may add other accounts from the "Add Another Account" page.
You can add non-Google or Yahoo email as well:

1. Go to the Add Account page, enter the email address, hit Continue, then select the IMAP option. Type in your password, desired display name, and a description.

2. Toggle on Advanced Settings and enter your password and server settings. Finally, tap the checkmark icon.