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The Dangerous Defect Found In Hondas
In 2021, the National Insurance Crime Bureau says the Honda Civic, Honda Accord, and Honda CR-V were among the top 10 most stolen vehicle models in the United States. It’s quite possible Hondas remain atop the most stolen vehicles list because their keyless entry system is vulnerable to replay attacks, and now, the new Rolling-PWN attack.
Researchers have published details on an exploit they call the Rolling-PWN Attack that enabled them to remotely unlock and start some 2012 through 2022 model year Hondas.The exploit involves Honda's keyless entry system, which relies on rolling codes to prevent unauthorized access to the vehicle; ideally, a thief wouldn’t be able to use old codes, even if they intercepted a signal from the key fob.
After the research was published, a Honda spokesperson said that "while it is technically possible, we want to reassure our customers that this particular kind of attack, which requires continuous close-proximity signal capture of multiple sequential RF transmissions, cannot be used to drive the vehicle away." In other words, Honda doesn't seem to think it's a big concern.