Keypad of an augmented reality communication device as seen by the user
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The Coolest Ways to Use Augmented Reality On Your Android Phone
Augmented Reality
To put it as plainly as possible, augmented reality is an experience in which you interact with digital objects in the real world through an interface. This includes everything from games like "Pokémon Go" to the AR Ruler app, which allows you to measure objects or even whole rooms using your phone.
Google Lens
The Google Lens app is remarkably simple to use — just point it at an object or select an image from your gallery and press the search button. You will then be given various options, such as translating text, online price comparisons, and even researching homework questions; however, the app does require a strong internet connection.
A must-have app for outdoors enthusiasts, PeakFinder gives you a three-dimensional view of your surroundings and identifies various mountains within your line of sight. This $4.99 app is a great navigation tool, particularly in low visibility where it can be difficult to get your bearings, allowing its user to see landmarks without obstructions.
Although PhotoPills’ price of $10.99 may dissuade some, this ultimate photography assistant brings a wealth of information and tools to help you plan your photo shoots. The app’s AR visualizations of the sun and moon’s positions throughout the day and its assistance with calculating timelapse shooting parameters are great for astrophotographers.
Star Walk 2
Star Walk 2 is a handy tool for any astronomy enthusiast as it presents a gorgeous augmented reality view of various constellations, planets, and other extraterrestrial objects. While the app does hide some features behind a paywall and offers several different payment options, Star Walk 2 is a must-have app for aspiring astronomers.
Pokémon Go
Several years ago, “Pokémon Go” introduced many to augmented reality gaming, as players traveled the real world and used the app to search for Pokémon in hopes of catching them all by flicking Poké balls at them on their phones. While some time has passed, “Pokémon Go” remains popular and is easily the most recognizable AR game.