A front-view shot of a mature female farmer standing in a field in Northumberland. She is an experienced farmer standing with her hands in her pockets, wind turbines can be seen in the distance. She is looking into the distance confidently.
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The Big Myth About Renewable Energy You Need to Stop Believing
Renewable energy has always faced resistance, from the carbon fuel industries to climate-science skeptics. Though the benefits of green energy are well established, one big myth still exists: When the sun does not shine and the wind does not blow, solar and wind energy are not generated.
Every sector that generates electricity experiences disruption and downtime — for instance, coal plants may face supply-chain issues, or nuclear plants may shut down for maintenance. Wind and solar’s idle times are caused by weather, but just because there is no sun or wind does not mean energy is not being generated.
The myth reveals how little is known about how energy systems actually work, since all energy generation projects are composed of energy storage and distribution networks. No energy plant works 24/7. During outages or on days when the sun does not shine and the wind does not blow, storage systems kick in.
In 2020, hydro-pump energy accounted for 95% of all energy storage in the U.S. Hydroelectricity, however, has a major disadvantage, as it alters and damages the environment. Companies like Tesla are innovating in energy storage, and their success will be key to a global clean energy future.