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The Big Myth About Global Warming You Need to Stop Believing
Many myths about global warming and climate change, including calling the problem a hoax or refusing to believe human activity is fueling the situation, continue to circulate among the public despite decades of scientific work. One myth in particular, even perpetuated by former President Donald Trump on Twitter, is that cold weather means there’s no global warming.
However, making the distinction between weather and climate easily debunks the myth. According to, the term weather is used to describe seasonal variations and atmospheric events of short duration — for example, a snowstorm in winter. On the other hand, climate is a term scientists use to refer to weather variations over long periods of time.
NASA's Global Climate Change reveals that historical temperatures on our planet have been rising steadily since 1880, with highs and lows, but peaking non-stop since the 1920s and the industrial revolution. NASA says it is a fact that the Earth's surface continues to grow warm, with global temperatures in recent years reaching an all-time historical high.
Scientists refer to these rising temperatures of the Earth’s surface as “global warming,” while “climate change” is used to address other issues, such as humans’ impact on the environment. It’s not surprising that the difference in language and interpretation causes confusion and often creates conflict between those who "believe" in the science and the skeptics.