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The Big Myth About Gasoline You Need To Stop Believing
Despite higher gas prices, many motorists still use premium gasoline, harboring the belief that higher octane fuel is better for their vehicles. In some cases, higher octane fuel will provide a performance boost under hard acceleration and conditions requiring high-end performance, but is it worth the extra money at the pump?
When choosing a fuel, drivers should follow the octane rating specified in the car’s manual, because deviating from it could cause engine knocking, loss of power, and poor fuel economy. However, the benefit of using a higher octane fuel than the manufacturer suggests is negligible and may not be worth the increased costs.
Using a higher octane fuel is slightly better for the environment and provides a small mileage boost per gallon, but there are concerns that higher octane fuels contain too much ethanol, which could damage fuel systems and void warranties. Ultimately, drivers should stick to the car manufacturer’s recommendations — and if their vehicle takes regular gasoline — rejoice.