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The Big Myth About Electric Cars You Need To Stop Believing
One of the biggest misconceptions is that owning an electric vehicle is cheaper overall than what goes into owning a fuel-powered one. While there is some truth to this, as EVs are cheaper to maintain, these cars are still more expensive to repair when they break down than their more-traditional counterparts.
To repair an electric vehicle, owners must remember that most service centers are still new to the process, which means it typically takes longer to do even simple repairs. Not only does the additional time add up, as many mechanics charge labor costs by the hour, but also the services themselves are 1.3 times more expensive for an EV.
While repair costs are one thing, the very nature of the cost associated with operating an electric vehicle is another, which is especially true since that's one of the big reasons why people suggest EVs in the first place. The problem is that the savings are really only at the fuel pump, because right now EVs cost more to buy than gas-powered cars on average.