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The Best Place to Put Your WiFi Router For the Highest Speeds
Despite relying on Wi-Fi for your internet connection, you probably still face spotty signals from time to time while out in public due to numerous factors, such as digital traffic jams. This problem may even follow you home, but is caused by different reasons that could be solved without needing to purchase extra gear like a Wi-Fi extender.
Placing your router in a location to optimize its effectiveness without any barriers like walls, furniture, or large quantities of water (definitely avoid fish tanks) will strengthen its signal output. Nearby electronics can also disrupt the signal, particularly microwaves, so it's best to keep your router away from these other devices if possible.
In multi-room homes, it may be impossible to place the router where it can avoid passing through walls, but in general, you should find a spot for the device with few physical obstacles between it and where you intend to use the Wi-Fi. Try to place your router in the center of everything, and even on the second floor, if possible.