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The Best Internet Speed Test to Check Your Home Connection
Internet connection speeds fluctuate throughout the day, especially if your service provider enforces data caps or throttles connections to maintain overall network performance. Keeping an eye on internet speed is likely common practice for the 31% of Americans who are constantly online, and one of the best ways to check your home connection is the Ookla speed test.
Since its establishment in 2006, Ookla has adapted by adding relevant features that have kept it competitive — the most recent of which is the ability to measure your network's capability to handle 4K video streams. You're also offered the ability to choose which server you'd prefer to connect to when initiating a test and the option to view reported problems with your ISP once the test is complete.
Ookla reports that it performs approximately 10 million consumer-initiated tests daily, either on or via the company's mobile, desktop, and even TV apps. Consumer-initiated testing provides an accurate measurement of internet speed while measuring the full capacity of your connection.
A lot of other reputable speed tests refer to Ookla's bandwidth diagnostic software because it is so accurate and widely respected, and its Speedtest Global Index is universally accepted by experts as the industry standard for measuring internet performance around the world. Although the best internet speed test is going to be the one that you prefer using, for us, it's Ookla.