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The Best 10 Apps For Any Apple Watch User
Water Reminder
The Water Reminder app for the Apple Watch communicates with your iPhone's Health app to help determine the amount of water you need daily.
It can then give you daily reminders to help you achieve your hydration goal. The app will also track your other drinks and how much water you got from them.
Life can be noisy and filled with distractions, but you can introduce some mindfulness into your day by downloading the HeadSpace app on your watch.
The app offers a wide variety of mindfulness activities, including guided meditations. These activities are tracked in the iPhone's Health app so you can see your progress.
Just Press Record
As the name suggests, the Just Press Record app is an audio program that is simple to use. Just tap on your watch face to start, stop, or end the recording.
The application supports audio playback at adjustable speeds, transcription of recordings in over 30 languages, and exporting recording files in WAV, AIF, and M4A file types.
Hit the Island
Although mobile games haven't really taken off on smartwatches, Hit the Island is one of the most successful due to it taking advantage of what the Apple Watch offers.
The game is a simple ball and paddle game similar to “Pong,” with players controlling the ball by rotating the crown on the side of the Apple Watch.
The Citymapper app is an urban guide that provides up-to-date information on bus and train routes as well as directions when using public transportation, bikes, and more.
The app will give you real-time departure and arrival estimates while also allowing you to save frequent destinations to make planning trips easier.