The MSG Sphere in Las Vegas
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The Astonishing Tech Behind The MSG Sphere In Las Vegas Explained
The Sphere at The Venetian — colloquially known as the MSG Sphere — has astonished many viewers, as it is a scientific and architectural masterpiece.
Located near the Las Vegas Strip, the entertainment and music venue is currently the world’s largest spherical building, and the science behind its creation
is extraordinary.
The architects and engineers used centuries-old mathematical equations to model several parts of the entire space, which were generated via virtual reality prior to construction.
The dome’s exterior features 580,000 square feet of programmable LEDs that can display 256 million colors on the skyline, making it bright enough to be seen from space.
Inside the structure is a high-resolution media screen that’s curved planetarium-style, comprising 160,000 square feet of even more programmable LEDs, set at 16K by 16K resolution.
The acoustics of the Sphere’s design minimize the sound scattering problem. The venue also features 10,000 seats with an infrasound haptic system that allows you to feel the sound.
The Sphere also has environmental effects like scents to further enhance viewers' experience. U2 will be the first band to play at the venue from September 29 to December 16, 2023.