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The Asteroid Movie That Was The Most Scientifically Accurate
While there have been a great many movies about what would happen if an asteroid was going to hit the Earth, most of the destruction films usually end up sacrificing science for a compelling narrative. However, Neil deGrasse Tyson suggested in an interview that the movie "Deep Impact" was quite scientifically inclined.
Neil deGrasse Tyson's love for the movie seems to come from its grounding in the actual physics of gravity. The way in which the crew must physically pull themselves onto and around the comet, to avert a looming extinction-level event, is entirely representative of the way that a low-gravity environment would play out in real life.
Another important reason that scientists applaud "Deep Impact" is the fact that the piece of a comet that eventually strikes the Earth lands in the Atlantic Ocean, as opposed to most movies that opt for an impact over dense urban cities. The scientific community also holds high praise for "The Expanse" as a present-day example of a scientifically accurate movie.