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The 5 Best Translation Apps To Install On iPhone
With a rating of 4.7 and over 450,000 reviews, iTranslate Translator is one of the top-rated translator apps out there.
The app supports more than 100 languages and comes with numerous features, including the Phrasebook and Flashcards. Unfortunately, the free version has limited features.
DeepL Translate
While DeepL Translate is relatively new, it stands apart from its competitors with its advanced artificial intelligence technology that results in accurate translations.
The DeepL Translate app offers a user-friendly interface and three alternative phrases or sentences for its translations. However, the app currently only supports 29 languages.
Microsoft Translator
The Microsoft Translator is a free translation app that features a minimalist, intuitive interface and supports at least 100 languages.
Beyond the typical translation features, Microsoft Translator keeps a history of your translations and offers a built-in messaging platform.
Google Translate
Google Translate ranks as the #1 app in the App Store's reference list. Unlike others, the app features extra voice configurations to enhance its speech translation.
Another highlight is its Conversation feature, which allows users to translate what they say into another language and automatically speak the translated phrase for others to hear.
SayHi Translate
As its name suggests, SayHi Translate primarily focuses on translating speech, particularly conversations, between individuals of different languages.
The app features two primary speech translation services: Tap to Talk and Conversation. The speech will then be converted to text and displayed like a chat thread on the screen.