An Apple AirTag
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The 5 Best AirTag Tricks Everyone Should Know
Multiple AirTags
Using a tracker like an AirTag on expensive goods like luxury bags, bicycles, and cars can be a great way to protect your items from theft.
While some thieves have begun to expect this precaution, you could hide multiple AirTags in one item to increase your chances of finding it when it’s stolen.
Losing pets is a common occurrence for many who have curious and adventurous animals. Thankfully, you can use an AirTag to find your furry friend if they go missing.
There are plenty of third-party collars or tags that you can use. Just be sure to test the AirTags' lost mode, as it emits a ringing sound that can be scary for an unprepared pet.
While AirTags were not designed for tracking people, they can be an effective tool for ensuring you don't lose your children during holiday trips or school pick-ups.
Be sure to get the consent of the individual, though. To prevent stalking, Apple has integrated additional notification features, which can alarm an uninformed person.
Siri Quick Search
One significant advantage of using an AirTag over other trackers is its integration with the Apple ecosystem, making it easy to connect with your other devices.
However, most people don't realize that a quicker way to find your AirTag is to ask Siri. All you have to do is label your tags and then ask Siri to find them.
Showing Off
Everything these days can be an accessory, including your AirTags. Apple has even partnered with luxury brand Hermès for a collection of tag holders.
While some people enjoy displaying their AirTags with fashionable holders, it's not always recommended, especially if the intent of using them is for theft protection.