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The 5 Actions ChatGPT Will Refuse To Perform
Predict The Future
While advanced AIs predicting the outcome of future events is a common sci-fi trope, don’t expect to get any answers from ChatGPT.
The chatbot will refuse to answer questions about future events, stating it has no such capability. However, it may provide some generic advice depending on your question.
If you attempt to ask ChatGPT for any advice regarding unlawful activities, it may inform you that your suggestion is illegal and will play no part in it.
Internet Searches
Although OpenAI provided ChatGPT with an internal database of publicly-available information and statistics to respond to questions, it can’t conduct searches.
If you attempt to perform a search through ChatGPT, it may react to your inquiry as though you were asking it a question, but it won’t link you to any external web pages.
Private Data
Another concern based on concepts originating from fiction is that AI bots could penetrate private systems to steal data; luckily, this isn’t a thing yet.
ChatGPT’s internal database is only made up of publicly-available information, so it can only make guesses or inform you that the necessary information isn’t available.
Create Malware
It’s been well-documented by now that ChatGPT can write its own functional code from scratch, leading some to worry about it creating malware.
The good news is ChatGPT will refuse to write malware if you ask it to. The bad news is ChatGPT could be tricked into making something potentially dangerous.