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The 15 Best Nissans Of All Time
This sports car arrived in 2003 and was a modern take on the classic formula that made the 240Z a global sensation: it was straightforward, stylish, and a blast to drive. Reviews at the time praised its excellent handling and reliable, 287 horsepower V6 engine.
R390 GT1
To meet FIA rules and enter the 24 Hours of Le Mans, Nissan adapted its race car, the R390 GT1, for the road rather than the other way around. Shrouded in mystery, the R390 was purportedly one of the fastest cars in the world at the time, but the number in existence remains unknown.
Skyline 2000GTR Hakosuka
The GTR became known as "Hakosuka," which is a portmanteau of two Japanese words, hako, meaning boxy, and sukarain, a type of mountain road from which the car takes its name. Only 1,113 two-door Hakosukas were ever made, making them incredibly rare today.
With Nissan sales declining in the mid-’80s, the 240SX was developed to breathe new life into the automaker’s lineup — and it worked. It was a hit with sports car buyers, but its low starting price also meant it became popular with the drift community and ideal for modification.
Despite its retro ‘60s look, the Figaro actually first entered production in 1991, and was designed for the Japanese market as a quirky “halo” small car. Inspired by Swatch watches, designer Shoji Takahashi introduced two-tone color schemes as the Figaro's paint options.