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The 15 Best Maseratis of All Time
Maserati made its mark on the car industry by consistently succeeding in motorsport, and the 8CTF played a big role when it was unveiled in 1938. Its most high-profile win was at the 1939 Indianapolis 500, which helped to cement the brand’s name as one to watch in America.
Based on the Ferrari Enzo’s chassis and engine, the MC12 was an ultra-limited flagship model of which just 50 units would ever be made. Although it wasn't a pure track car, it was brutally fast, and even today it remains the fastest-accelerating Maserati road car ever.
Tipo 60/61
Famous mostly for its design, the Tipo 60/61 was developed to compete in the two-liter category of sports car racing. Maserati decided to incline its windshield as far back as possible, so that it no longer protected the driver but led to an increase in aerodynamic efficiency.
A6 1500
Unveiled at the 1947 Geneva Motor Show, the A6 1500 Gran Turismo marked the first in a long line of grand touring models that continues up until the present day. It featured styling by Pinin Farina and a luxurious interior with unique touches like a clock built into the lid of the glove box.
The Maserati 250F was developed specifically for Formula 1, and ended up playing a key part in one of the sport's greatest rivalries in the Fifties. Argentinian legend Jaun Manuel Fangio and a young Stirling Moss competed for dominance, with both racers behind the wheel of a 250F.