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The 12 Most Reliable SUVs Of All Time, Ranked
Mercedes-Benz G-Class
Modern Mercedes-Benz G-Classes were originally built as German military vehicles and their military toughness remains intact to this day. While G-Wagons are more reliable and capable on rough terrain than most luxury vehicles, older G-Classes are even more so because of their simpler construction, because less can go wrong.
Nissan Patrol
The Nissan Patrol, relatively unknown in the U.S., is a best-seller and has been for decades since the off-roader was first rolled off the line in 1951. While the current-generation Patrol is not directly available in the U.S. market, a modified version of the Y62 has been sold as the Nissan Armada in America since 2017.
Kia Telluride
According to Consumer Reports, Kia Telluride achieved a perfect score on predicted reliability, and Car and Driver reported that the SUV remained durable during over 40,000 miles of testing. With an industry-leading warranty and initial build quality, Telluride ensures its owners should see 200,000 miles out of their vehicle.
Honda HR-V
Despite its diminutive size, the Honda HR-V, a subcompact SUV, has quickly proved itself to be one of the best high-mileage cars in its segment. While it may not offer the ultimate SUV driving experience, it does offer an evidently hassle-free ownership experience, including a bunch of reliable features.
Chevrolet Suburban
Now in its 12th generation, the Suburban still remains a strong seller for Chevrolet. In an interview, Chevrolet's director of truck marketing said that buyers keep coming back to the Suburban because of "the capability, space, and technology [it brings] to every road trip or daily drive."