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The 12 Biggest Failures In Android History
1. Amazon Fire Phone
The Fire Phone was Amazon's attempt to muscle its way into the smartphone market but fell flat on its gimmicky face. Between its lackluster value compared to the competition and a variety of technical issues that plagued it post-launch, the unique 3D screen just wasn't enough to save it.
2. Earl Survival Tablet
With a planned E-ink display, solar charging panel, 2-way radio, and waterproof tech, the Earl Survival Tablet was supposed to be the must-have gadget for every outdoorsy customer. However, despite a valiant effort, bringing the product to market proved too ambitious a project, and it slowly faded into history.
3. Google Project Ara
Ara was to be a modular phone that users could easily upgrade with new cameras, processors, and other components without having to replace the entire phone. Unfortunately, the tech really just wasn't there, fundamental issues, and lack of demand deep-sixed a project that would’ve cut down on E-waste and saved the consumer money in the long run.
4. Ouya Game Console
The buzz was electric in 2012 for this miniature gaming box that promised a free-to-try demo on every game and a $100 price point. But a cavalcade of blunders like deeply flawed hardware, buggy software, and a failure to secure enough high-quality exclusive games destroyed consumer confidence so badly that Ouya couldn’t salvage the situation.
5. Energizer P18K
Along with a respectable spec sheet, Energizer’s pitch boasted a pop-up selfie camera with a dual camera system and an 18,000 mAh battery that would last 50 days on one charge. However, the sheer size and weight proved too severe a compromise for potential customers as it only managed to raise $15,005 of its $1,200,000 goal on Indiegogo.