SHANGHAI, CHINA - AUGUST 25, 2022 - A SONY PlayStation console store is seen in Shanghai, China, on Aug 25, 2022. SONY said that due to the international economic environment, inflation and currency factors, the PS5 price will be adjusted in some regions today. (Photo credit should read CFOTO/Future Publishing via Getty Images)
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Sony's PS5 Supply Fix Might Be This Simple Disc Drive
According to a leak from Insider Gaming, Sony is reportedly gearing up for another significant PlayStation 5 design overhaul that will phase out the two-model approach of selling disk-loaded and all-digital versions of the console. Instead, the company might be planning to produce external disk drive add-ons to reduce production and restocking issues Sony has been facing.
The new "D" chassis PlayStation 5 console will look identical to the current model, but the new version will support a detachable disc drive that can be hooked to it via a USB-C cable that will blend in with the main console body and "will attach to it without looking internal," according to the leak. Sony will reportedly sell the disc drive separately and as a bundle with the console.
An external disc drive could offer an advantage over its built-in counterparts, as replacing a malfunctioning drive could be less expensive than repairing the entire console. While this may relieve the ravenous demand for the PlayStation 5, Sony has yet to make an official announcement on the subject.