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Smart Contact Lenses Are Closer Than You Think
After seven years of development, Mojo Vision has created a prototype for a smart contact lens that is ready to head into its testing stage. The technology includes the world's smallest MicroLED display at 0.5 millimeters in diameter and 14,000 pixels per inch, and is centered around advanced eye control and movement.
The company has completed its first successful test on CEO Drew Perkins, who put on the contact lens and tried out a few of the apps developed for the device. For now, the contact lens is only being used in one eye, but Mojo Vision hopes to integrate a second lens to create 3D graphics. So far, Perkins has only worn the contact lens for an hour at a time.
Smart contact lenses use Augmented Reality technology, overlaying graphics to display information — for instance, the lenses could track an exercise regimen, get directions, and provide information about a restaurant. This type of tech has the potential to replace smartphones, since all the functionality will essentially be touchless.