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Samsung Galaxy Has A Hidden Menu You Can Only Open With A Secret Code
The hidden diagnostics menu, which is available on Samsung Galaxy smartphones that feature the company's One UI, sports a very basic interface and was designed for technicians servicing Galaxy handsets. The menu contains tools for determining whether a component in your phone is experiencing problems, including the display, S-Pen, speaker, camera, vibration motor, and more.
Though some users may not be able to access the menu due to carrier-specific blocks, the same code or a slight variation may work on certain older Galaxy phones running TouchWiz. To pull up the secret menu, tap the "Phone" icon, tap the "Keypad" tab to pull up the dialer, and type “*#0*#” in it.
Once this code is entered, the diagnostics menu will automatically appear, and you will see a light gray screen filled with square white buttons, each one assigned tests for specific components. Tapping a button will pull up its related test, making it possible to assess your phone's hardware and determine whether a component is no longer working properly.
We tested the process and found there were two ways to exit the secret menu on the Galaxy Note 10+: swiping "back" twice or holding the power button until Bixby appeared, then swiping upward. However, if your device has a dedicated Home button, you may be able to exit the menu by tapping it or by holding the power button and then tapping the Home button.