San Francisco, California, USA - March 30, 2018: Uber sign at headquarters in San Francisco. Uber Technologies Inc. is a peer-to-peer ridesharing, food delivery, and transportation network company.
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Rules You Have To Follow When You Drive With Uber
Display a sign
The most self-explanatory requirement for Uber drivers is to always display a sign that indicates that they’re a rideshare driver. There are several reasons for this: It is required by some states, helps the riders identify their Uber drivers in busy places, and gives access to some restricted areas like airport pickup lanes.
Old Cars
Although there are some exceptions, an Uber car generally must be under 15 years old and have four doors and a minimum of five seats with seatbelts. There aren’t make or model restrictions, but cars of unreliable reputation may not be the best choice — many Uber drivers choose trusted models from Toyota, Honda, or similarly dependable brands.
The requirements for what policy is needed vary, making it essential to check with Uber’s website before accepting that first ride. Uber provides insurance for drivers when they’re waiting for rides or completing them, but that policy does not cover any time the driver isn’t working for the company, making it necessary to have a separate individual policy.
Driving-hour limits
State and local regulations sometimes impose limits on the number of hours a driver can drive during a given period, with the Uber app giving warnings of when drivers are near their limit and when they’ve reached max hours. Drivers are logged off, and after a certain period, the limit resets, and they can accept requests again.
Parking carefully
One aspect of the job is safely picking up riders or deliveries, with the drivers needing to be aware of local parking laws that affect where drivers are allowed to stop their cars for pickups. Crowded urban areas where parking may be limited can further complicate this issue, and Uber Eats drivers who need to park near restaurants for orders may face problems.