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Replacing A Tesla Model X Windshield Could Cost More Than You Think
Expensive cars most commonly equal expensive parts, but Tesla drivers might be surprised just how much it costs to replace a windshield on a Model X. One owner shared their experience on a Tesla Motors Club forum, where the repairs, performed by Safelite AutoGlass in Scottsdale, Arizona, were efficient and quick, but by no means cheap.
The total bill for the windshield repairs came to $1,597, broken down as $1,311 for the part, $181 for the labor, and $105 for sales tax. Considering that replacing the windshield requires up to four people — two to remove the previous windshield and four to install the new one — the labor can be considered pretty inexpensive, but the windshield itself is really not.
According to Auto Glass Locator, the average cost of windshield replacement without insurance is around $375 in the U.S., but of course the price will vary based on many variables like the car’s make and model and how old it is. Still, even a higher average is much, much cheaper than replacing the windshield on a Tesla Model X.
Since Tesla is a relatively new brand, vehicle repair specialists are still learning how to fix issues with relative ease and secondary sources for parts aren’t as readily available — both of these factors add to the cost. Certainly the quality of windshield glass (some are double-layered) in a Tesla Model X contributes to the steep price tag.