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Ranking The 11 Best Oil Filter Brands
FRAM has a reputation for balancing capabilities, features, and price. However, some professionals have begun to move away from their products.
The filter medium combines glass fibers and cellulose to support a high oil flow rate, but some complaints include a thin and irregular filter medium and inferior construction.
Although K&N Engineering started with motorcycle parts, the manufacturer has now become known for their performance oil filters.
Its specialty is heavy-duty, high-flow, high-performance filters for motorsports and performance vehicles, but its consumer products still enjoy a lesser glowing reputation.
Made by Champion Laboratories, AMSOIL oil filters are known for being expensive, high-quality filters that offer 99% efficiency at 20 microns.
The company has a strange reputation due to its almost fanatical sales representatives, with AMSOIL claiming that its filters are superior in every category.
While ACDelco doesn't actually manufacture its oil filters, its products boast an impressive 98% capture efficiency at 25-30 microns and feature nylon cores.
ACDelco filters are generally inexpensive, but researcher Russ Knize praised the design and stated he preferred them over several higher-end oil filter brands.
Motorcraft produces many OEM parts for Ford, including aftermarket oil filters built to OEM spec, and is known for providing innovative filters at reasonable prices.
While Motorcraft doesn't publish its test results, it claims to meet the SAE USCAR-36 minimum performance requirement of filtering with 95% efficiency at greater than 30 microns.