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Ram's Premature Electrification Ad Called One Of Super Bowl 2023's Funniest Commercials
A common concern for those looking to buy an electric vehicle is whether an EV’s battery will be able to last long enough to reach their destinations or leave them stranded miles from a charging station. Ram acknowledged this concern in its Super Bowl 2023 commercial, which many say was the funniest advertisement to air during this year’s Big Game.
The commercial mimics an entirely different type of TV ad, teasing viewers about their “premature electrification” and the solution to their problem in the form of the upcoming 2024 Ram REV 1500. Although the electric pickup truck has been expected for a while, Ram revealed details about it only hours before its humorous Super Bowl 2023 commercial.
The commercial’s narrator asks, “Are you excited about buying an electric vehicle, but worried that it could leave you unsatisfied? Then you could be one of the many Americans concerned about premature electrification.” The REV 1500 won’t hit the market until late 2024, but Ram has teased some features, including a larger wheelbase to accommodate a larger battery.