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Porsche Won't Keep Its New Electric Motors To Itself
Porsche is expanding its e-bike repertoire with the development of electric motors for bike models beyond its own lineup. The company has been manufacturing its e-bikes in collaboration with established mountain bike brand Rotwild. While Porsche intends to continue making e-bikes with Rotwild, it will also be focusing efforts on a new partnership.
Porsche will partner with Dutch venture capital Ponooc on growing its latest project: Porsche eBike Performance GmbH. This joint venture will help expand Porsche’s e-bike technology and develop high-performance parts, such as electric motors, batteries, and software, that will soon be integrated into the next generation of e-bikes.
Although Porsche sees its eBike Performance partnership as a way to develop next-gen e-bike systems for other brands, the company's also hinting at producing particularly powerful e-bike systems for its own upcoming electric bike lineup as well. Only time will tell if consumers will start seeing e-bikes bearing Porsche's iconic logo being powered by its own system.