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Polestar's Huge New EV Update Is More Than Just Apple CarPlay
The CarPlay announcement from Polestar was an exciting piece of news all on its own, as many cars don't have Bluetooth connectivity options, much less CarPlay or Android Auto. Although this activation connects Polestar drivers better than before, this latest software update included new hardware connectivity options, too.
As the original announcement suggests, “Front USB ports opened for external device input (e.g. gaming, music, Apple CarPlay).” Connecting smartphones to a vehicle for music and Apple CarPlay is all but expected in a modern vehicle that claims to have a robust infotainment system onboard — but gaming is new and surprising.
These USB ports in Polestar cars could potentially play host to gaming controllers for onscreen gaming in the near future. Gaming in a smart vehicle isn't strictly new, as Tesla introduced in-car gaming on some of its cars back in 2019 and even some Polestar drivers are currently using systems such as Google Stadia to play video games in their cars while parked, of course.