A Nintendo Switch Lite handheld video game console, taken on October 1, 2019. (Photo by Neil Godwin/Future Publishing via Getty Images)
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Nintendo Switch Accessories That Are A Total Waste Of Money
With over a million units sold by the end of 2018, the Nintendo LABO kits have consumers construct cardboard peripherals for use with the Switch. However, the problem with the LABO kits is their lack of use after the novelty of the cardboard devices wears off, leaving you to figure out what to do with your expensive add-on.
Joy-Con Wheel
While the Joy-Con Wheel may seem like it adds an extra layer of realism to your “Mario Kart” game, the experience isn’t worth the cost. One of the criticisms lodged at the Nintendo Switch is that the controllers can be too small, but the wheel doesn’t really improve on this aspect and can make it more challenging to use the left and right triggers.
Poké Ball Plus
The Poké Ball Plus controller offered a couple of functionalities that seemed like a dream for fans as the device lets you catch Pokémon in the “Pokémon: Let’s Go” series and “Pokémon Go.” Although the Poké Ball Plus looks great, its limited functions in “Let’s Go” make the game awkward and fundamentally change how “Pokemon Go” is played.
Battery Packs
Additional battery packs for your Joy-Cons give your controllers a longer lifespan and seem like the ideal solution for extended uses. However, since the battery life for the Joy-Cons can last up to nine hours and the controllers are automatically recharged when the Switch is docked with the console, the likelihood you will need the external power is low.
Graphics Enhancer
The MClassic graphics processor is said to give you an enhanced viewing experience while playing games. However, if your game is already running at 1080p, as most modern games do, the differences in the images will be negligible — and for vintage 2D games, the device doesn't appear to do anything at all.