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Need Space? Here's The 5 Best Ways To Free Up Storage On Android
While your apps typically only store a few megabytes in their cache, it can quickly add up among several apps. Luckily, you can safely erase this data without issue.
To do this, go into your Android device’s storage settings, click on an app, and then select the “Clear Cache” option. Doing so will free up the space that’s listed in the settings.
Like with your PC, you’ll want to clean out your Downloads folder when you can. This can free up a surprising amount of space on your phone.
Unlike clearing an app’s cache, the downloads folder can have a bunch of dead-weight or otherwise useless files waiting to be deleted.
If you like taking lots of pictures, then there’s a good chance your device is filled with them. However, having hundreds of photos can take up a ton of space.
Thankfully, you can safely back up everything to your Google Drive, allowing you to free up space on your device by deleting the photos without worrying about losing them forever.
Downloaded Maps
Many solely rely on Google Maps to get around, with some people even downloading maps for long trips where they might lose internet connection.
While one or two maps won’t cause an issue, forgetting to delete multiple maps can cause your device to slow down.
Old Apps
The tried and true method of freeing up space on your Android device is simply deleting apps, though that’s not always ideal and should be kept as a last resort.
If it’s been a while since an app’s last use, it’s probably safe to delete. Most apps don’t take up a lot of space, but dozens of them can impact your device.