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Nearly 56% Of People Said This Car Brand Makes The Most Reliable EV
In a SlashGear survey, more than half — close to 56% — of the 631 people polled in the United States said that they could depend on electric vehicles from Tesla the most. The results are not surprising, since Tesla has been named the world's most valuable automaker with a brand value of $75.9 billion. Here's what Tesla did to make sure its electric cars stand out from the rest.
Target Differently
Tesla spends zero dollars on advertising, and makes its buying process as simple as possible. Customers don’t have to go to a dealership, and instead, can place an order for a Tesla on its website; afterward, they can configure the car to their specifications, and then have it delivered.
Car As Software
The car company features over-the-air upgrades owners can install themselves, so they don't have to bring the vehicle to a service center. Once they purchase a Tesla vehicle, these updates will occur continually as long as they drive and will enhance their car’s performance.
Battery Range
For a long time, buyers have ranked Tesla vehicles as the best electric vehicles for range. To help Tesla car owners have long battery life, the company has a network of 30,000 Supercharger stations, which can add up to 200 miles of range in just 15 minutes.