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Instagram Logo Change Has The Internet Divided
Instagram's new logo is winning the hearts of some, hurting the eyes of others, while the rest simply aren't sure how it's changed — if it's changed at all. In a recent announcement, the popular social media platform unveiled its icon’s demure transformation, comprising a “reimagined gradient” and a new, ever-so-slightly-modified set of lines.
The designers behind Instagram's logo change aimed to "bring more vibrancy" and make it feel "illuminated rather than one-dimensional." So far, user reactions have been mixed, ranging from outright mockery of the redesign to applause for being “fresh and modern” to cluelessness claiming Instagram's new icon pretty much looks the same.
The redesign changes also included text display and typographic logo, with characters appearing angular yet circular at the same time — a look Instagram describes as a “squircle.” As odd as that sounds, this supposedly represents Instagram's identity and promotes freedom of expression among its users.
Just like the new Instagram logo, however, this change also led to a mixed reception from users. There were even tweets imploring the company to focus on refining its app experience instead of making things look prettier, with some going as far as threatening the CEO with a boycott if improvements aren't made.