A U.S. Air Force Boeing E-3 Sentry in flight at sunset near Anchorage, Alaska.
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Incredible Electric Plane Crosses A Major Milestone
From cars and buses to battery-powered two-wheeled vehicles, electric vehicles have proven their viability as excellent replacements for internal combustion engines. Given the success of EVs and the growing concern over the environmental effects of the aviation industry, it was only a matter of time before the first electric plane made its debut.
Along with the expected rise in number of air travelers in the coming decade, significant investments in the industry have undoubtedly sped up the process for an alternate, cleaner form of air travel. One of the companies working to develop an electric plane, Eviation, recently completed an important milestone with its all-electric aircraft, the Eviation Alice.
The Alice is a small 57-foot-long all-electric aircraft focused on ultra short-haul flights and has recently passed a major trial called the high-speed taxi rotation test. The next stage in the development is its first test flight, where the targeting range will be 440 nautical miles (506 miles), though the goal will be without any payloads and in ideal flying conditions.
What makes the Eviation Alice different from most of its peers is its rather slick design, which mimics the looks of a traditional aircraft. The model can carry up to nine passengers and their luggage with reasonable comfort, and like electric cars, comes powered by a massive array of lithium-ion batteries located at the belly of the plane.