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Hyundai And Kia Are Building A Moon Robot
Hyundai and its Kia subsidiary have joined hands with six Korean institutes to develop mobility solutions for the lunar surface. Although the automakers haven't revealed exactly what kind of robots they are making for future moon missions, the focus will be on braving the harsh conditions on Earth's sole natural satellite.
Interestingly, the artistic rendition shared by Hyundai suggests the team will work on companion quadruped robots like those made by Boston Dynamics, which Hyundai now owns. The project, which includes participation from both private and government entities, will also serve as a test bed for creating more efficient automobile solutions for Earth, as well.
With the partnership, the company is also seeking to present itself as a candidate for developing robotics and mobility solutions for missions to the moon and beyond in the near future. In an era where space privatization has become a hot buzzword and even the likes of NASA are securing the services of private players like SpaceX, Hyundai's ambition doesn't appear too far-fetched.