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Humans Are No Match For This Sprinting Robot
The little box on legs named “Cassie” — invented by Oregon State University College of Engineering and produced by Agility Robotics — set a new world record for the 100m dash and is currently the fastest bipedal robot in the world. The video of Cassie’s record-breaking run shows how the machine can maintain balance and speed from start to finish.
Cassie was initially tested in a 5K run in 2021, finishing it in just over 53 minutes with no support tether and on a single battery charge. This new test was to see how fast Cassie could go, with OSU robotics professor Jonathan Hurst saying, “The exciting part of this race is the potential. Using learned policies for robot control is a very new field, and this 100-meter dash is showing better performance than other control methods.”
While Cassie broke the world record for its 100m run time of 24.73-second, this record pertains specifically to bipedal robots, not humans. This speed puts Cassie at roughly 9 miles per hour, and although the average human running rate is between 6.2 and 7.3 mph, this can increase to around 12 mph if they are pushed to do so — perfect for outrunning robots, assuming you can outlast their batteries.