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How Tom Cruise's First Car Jumpstarted His Dreams
Tom Cruise may be the Hollywood mega action star of “Top Gun: Maverick,” a film that has grossed over $800 million globally, but he came from modest beginnings, enduring poverty and an abusive homelife. Before he became a household name and Hollywood royalty, Cruise took a leap of faith in a car as humble as his childhood.
When he turned 18, Cruise hopped in a used Dodge Colt and drove from New Jersey to The Big Apple to pursue an acting career. The Colt was a rebadged first-generation Mitsubishi Galant, nowhere near as potent or as fast as Detroit muscle cars; it was lighter, cheaper, and more economical at the pumps — just perfect for a rookie actor.
Today, Tom Cruise can potentially be spotted around town in any of his two-wheeled superbikes, airplanes, whirlybirds, or behind the wheel of a million-dollar exotic hypercar. However, before starring in “All The Right Moves,” “Risky Business,” and “Vanilla Sky,” he jumpstarted his dream of hitting it big in a Dodge Colt.