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How To Watch Netflix On Your Peloton
Peloton devices are equipped with crisp, HD touchscreens that are over 20-inches in size, making them perfect for watching Netflix. These displays, however, are designed solely to utilize Peloton’s pre-configured built-in service, but through an unconventional method you can circumvent Peloton’s strict no-third-party-service policy.
The touchscreens come with a hidden web browser, but proceed with caution during the following steps as Peloton won’t be liable if anything goes wrong. Turn on your touchscreen, tap on your preferred user profile, and in the Home Screen, find and tap on the icon that appears like three horizontal dots at the bottom right of the screen.
Next, tap on the “About” option found at the lower portion of the menu, and once the square pop-up window appears, tap on its bottom right corner several times until a black menu opens. Tap on the browser app found in this menu, type the Netflix website on the address bar up top, sign into your account, and enjoy watching your favorite shows!