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How To Use Incognito Mode On Your iPhone And iPad
Similar to the Incognito Mode of Google Chrome, the Private Browsing feature of Apple’s web browser, Safari, hides your internet history, making it easier to protect your digital privacy. Turning Private Browsing on and off is very simple on the iPad and iPhone, but the process varies slightly between the two devices.
1. To turn on Private browsing, tap the Safari app on either device’s home screen.

2. On an iPhone, tap the Tabs button in the bottom right corner of Safari. On an iPad, hold the Tabs button on the top right of Safari.
3. On the bottom of the screen, tap the button indicating the number of tabs opened. iPad users can skip this step.

4. Tap the button that says Private, then select done.
1. To close Private Browsing, tap the Tabs button in Safari’s bottom right corner. Press the Private button to bring up the Tab Groups lists.

2. On an iPhone, tap the button that shows how many tabs are open in your browser. On an iPad, tap the Tabs button at the very top of the Tabs Groups list.