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How To Use An Old Android Phone As A Tracking Device
Dedicated GPS trackers can give their owners a greater sense of security, but this price can be higher than most are willing to pay. However, you can quickly turn an old Android phone into a tracker by giving it the correct configurations and app, which will save you money and help reduce the world's electronic waste by providing an unused device with a new purpose.
While other third-party apps can be used, such as Life360 and GeoZillia, Google's Find My Device comes pre-installed on most Android devices. Here’s how to set up the tracker with Find My Device:

1. Log onto your Google account, then turn on Location and Wi-Fi or mobile data.
2. Enable Find My Device from Settings & Security and enable "Store recent location."

3. Verify device has a checkmark in the "Show in Menus" column in the Google Play Library, then sign into your Find My Device app.
The new tracker can be used in multiple ways after finishing the setup process, like putting it in a bag or giving it to a person, but it's highly recommended to keep it connected to a power bank. Afterward, go to and log onto your Google Account, where you can select the phone you wish to track. For third-party apps, all you need to do is open the program you used.