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How to Use an iPad As an Extra Monitor
The iPad is slim, lightweight, and easy to carry around alongside a laptop, which makes it great as an extra monitor for those times you’re away from the office. Apple officially added support for this functionality with a feature called Sidecar.
Sidecar supports mirroring and extending the screen from a Mac, which enables the iPad to function as an extra monitor. Sidecar can also be used wirelessly, but you'll want to connect it to the Mac with a USB cable if you don't want the battery to run low.
Most newer iPads and Macs support Sidecar, though you'll want to check the list to make sure your devices are compatible. In addition, both the computer and tablet must be signed into the same iCloud account, with two-factor authentication enabled.
Although Sidecar only works on Macs, you can still use your iPad as an external monitor on PCs through third-party software. These apps aren't free, but the cost may be worth it for many PC owners who often have their tablet with them.
Luna Display, Duet Display, and Splashtop Wired XDisplay, among others, offer different software and pricing options to connect your PC to your iPad. All of them tend to work in a similar fashion, so choose the best one for you.
Using an iPad as a second screen is great, but it does come with one big limitation: the iPad’s display size. Given its small size compared to most monitors, the option is most appealing when traveling or away from a proper desk.