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How to Turn Off the iPhone Flashlight in 2 Ways
Accessing the iPhone's flashlight feature, which utilizes the camera's LED flash, is very simple but the process varies slightly depending on your model. Newer iPhones with Face ID allow you to reach the flashlight from the lock screen, while older versions with a Touch ID button must go through the Control Center.
With Face ID
The quickest and easiest way to turn off the flashlight is to turn on your iPhone’s display so that the lock screen is visible. In the bottom left corner of the lock screen, you'll see the flashlight icon. Tap and hold that icon until you feel your iPhone vibrate briefly, meaning the flashlight has turned off or on.
With Home Button
If you own an older iPhone without Face ID, you won’t be able to get to your flashlight from the lock screen. Instead, you’ll need to unlock your iPhone to get to the home screen, pull up from the bottom of your screen to open the Control Center, and tap on the flashlight icon in the bottom left to turn it off.