"Istanbul, Turkey - July 22, 2012: Ipad 3 touch screen icon for Safari browser. People can seach web pages touching this icon on ipad screen."
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How To Translate Web Pages In Safari
Many modern web browsers possess the ability to translate web pages natively, so you can still read the content in your preferred language. Apple has included a translation feature in its Safari browser, and here’s how you can easily translate pages on Mac, as well as the iPhone and iPad.
On Mac
If Safari can translate the web page, you'll see the "Translate" icon appear in the Smart Search bar at the top of the browser. Click on “Translate,” select the preferred language, and if prompted, select “Enable Translation.”
If you don't see the language you want to translate the page into, go to Apple menu > System Preferences“ > Language & Region” > “General.” Click on "Add" to add a language to your list of preferred languages, and then go back to the web page and look at the Translate list again to see if your preferred language has appeared.
On iPhone/iPad
If the web page can be translated, you'll see the "Translate" icon flash for a second in the search/address bar at the top. Tap the website options icon, which looks like the letter "A," then “Translate to [Preferred language],” and if prompted, “Enable Translation.”