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How To Tell If Spyware Is Hiding On Your iPhone
Signs of Spyware
There are telltale signs that your smartphone might be infected by spyware — for instance, sluggish performance on a new iPhone despite having the latest software update. Extensive heating or unusually fast battery drainage could also suggest your iPhone may have spyware.
Detecting Spyware
To successfully scan an iPhone, you’ll need to buy a tool such as Certo AntiSpy that will scan your iPhone comprehensively and give you a list of potential threats. Or you could try Mobile Verification Toolkit, a free and open-source diagnostics tool used for forensic analysis.
Removing Spyware
After scanning your phone, make note of suspicious files and apps to remove or uninstall from your iPhone. In case of an essential app, reinstall the app but don’t restore any data since that might reinfect your iPhone. Lastly, clear your web browser's history of any worrisome links.
Protecting your iPhone
Apps like Avast One and Avira Mobile Security claim to protect your iPhone against threats. They scan links from your phone's web browser or received through email or messaging, and search your iPhone for unusual performance issues such as slowing down or excessive heating.