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How To Tell If Someone Is Watching Your Nest Cam
Google’s Nest is popular among homeowners for its cutting-edge features and reliability, but although considered one of the more secure cameras available, sophisticated hackers are still able to crack users’ passwords. So, how do you know if someone is watching your cam, and what can you do to prevent your account from being compromised?
Observe the LED lights on your device: If your status light is solid green, your camera is turned on and actively recording images, but if it’s blinking, someone — possibly a cyber criminal — might be watching your live feed. Another way you can tell if your Nest is hacked is if you hear weird sounds, noises, or strangers talking through its communication features.
To safeguard your privacy, ensure that the device itself and its apps are always updated, do not use the same password for different sites you visit, and always use two-step verification to access your account. Although Google has upped its security measures, it is still good to be wary of any suspicious activities you see or noises you hear on your security camera.