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How To Take Screenshots On Android Auto
Introduced in 2015, Android Auto is a hands-free information management system that brings the most useful apps like Google Maps or Spotify to your vehicle’s infotainment user interface. If you wanted to take a screenshot of your Android Auto display and share it with someone, the process is a bit more complicated and time-consuming than on your smartphone, though.
First, you’ll need to enable the developer settings on your device. Head to the “Settings” section, open “Advanced Features,” tap on the “Android Auto” option, and scroll to the bottom of the interface to find the “Version” tab in the “About” section. Tap on the “Version” multiple times until a prompt appears on the screen and asks about enabling developer settings, then hit “OK.”
You’re now ready to take a screenshot, so tap on the three-dot menu at the top right corner, select “Developer settings,” and tap on “Share screenshot now” to capture a screenshot of your entire Android Auto interface. Share the screenshot through the apps shown on the screen under the “Complete action using” window and then hit the “Just Once” option at the bottom.
Never tap on “Always” in the final step explained in the last section, as you might need to share the screenshot with people available on different platforms, and be aware that the screenshots you take are not stored on your phone and must be shared immediately. Lastly, since taking a screenshot requires paying attention to your smartphone, be very careful when driving.